Theta Omicron Chapter at West Chester University

Kappa Delta

Our Officers

Devyn Fox


My name is Devyn Fox and I am a second year Early Grades and Special Education dual major. I am currently the President of the Theta Omicron chapter of Kappa Delta at West Chester University! As President, I serve as the connection between the collegiate chapter and national Kappa Delta. I participate in weekly phone calls to inform headquarters of all of the wonderful things our chapter is doing here on campus! It is also my job to run all meetings within the chapter as well as oversee our council members. I joined KD for so many reasons, but the main reason is because I wanted to be a part of a group of girls that believe in similar values. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to be apart of this process and I can not wait to see Theta Omicron flourish in the near future!

Moira Maloney

Vice President Member Education

Hi! My name is Moira Maloney, I'm a second year social work major, I have a very cute dog, and I'm the Vice President-Member Education. It is my everything. As VP-ME I get to work with new members for their whole new member period, making sure that they are adjusting to sorority life and learning about everything that they need to know as new Kappa Deltas. I work alongside of some incredible SET leaders, the assistant of member education, and the PACE chairman. I also get to put on education workshops for the chapter to ensure that they are constantly growing and learning. I fell in love with KD and wanted to share with both new members and initiated sisters everything that our sisterhood and national organization have to offer us. I wanted to be VP-ME to make sure that they are ready for an incredible experience, not for 4 years, but for life!

Samantha Bezar

Vice President Membership

My name is Samantha Bezar and I am the Vice President of Membership for Theta Omicron Chapter. I am a junior here at West Chester University and I am working towards my degree on Psychology with an emphasis on Industrial/organizational Psychology. I was drawn to Kappa Delta because of the many leadership opportunities that the sorority has to offer as well as the opportunity to lay down the foundation as a new sorority. I love every aspect of Kappa Delta- from our philanthropic work to being engaged in the Greek community, I think that we as a chapter have had a smooth transition into sorority life. As VPM, I am in charge of recruitment as well as putting on sisterhood events. The overall happiness of the chapter and the happiness of each individual member is very important to me and I believe that I have skills to maintain a steady happiness. I chose to run for a council position because I believe that my organization skills, as well as my interpersonal skills, make me a very strong recruiter and I will be able to help others develop and polish those skills. I have also always loved planning parties for my friends and I, so putting on gatherings for 100 plus girls was a fun challenge to me. I love the friendships and opportunities that Kappa Delta has brought me.

Kara Zaback

Vice President Operations

Hi, my name is Kara Zaback! I currently hold the position of Vice President of Operations. This position consists of monitoring appointed officer’s performance, leading chain of command meetings, managing a calendar and space reservation, complete chapter excellence goals and plans chapter elections and officer transitions. I am very organized, a multi-tasker, and goal oriented. I ran for this position because I held leadership positions throughout high school and I felt I could make a positive impact through Kappa Delta. I enjoy working and inspiring others to be amazing leaders.

Jenna Leo

Vice President Community Service

My name is Jenna Leo and I am Vice President of Community Service (VPCS) for the Theta Omicron chapter of Kappa Delta! Originally from Newark, Delaware I found my second home at West Chester University in August of 2014. I am currently a junior here at West Chester duel majoring in Elementary Education and Special Education. When I am not with my wonderful sisters of Kappa Delta I enjoy running, going to the beach, and spending time with my family! I feel honored and privileged to have been selected as the first Vice President of Community Service for the Theta Omicron chapter of Kappa Delta Sorority. Holding the position of VPCS I am in charge of coordinating and planning all of our community service both for our philanthropies and other volunteer organizations. One of my biggest tasks in this position is the planning and execution of our philanthropy event known to Kappa Deltas' as our Shamrock event! This event requires a tremendous about of planning from both the Shamrock committee, which is made up of sisters of Kappa Delta, and myself. I also work with the Girl Scout Committee, again made up of Kappa Delta sisters, to plan four events per year that inspire confidence in the young girls in Girl Scouts. Being VPCS has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, meet new people, and make a huge impact on the Kappa Delta community. I chose to run for the position of VPCS because I wanted to make a lasting impact on Kappa Delta while also inspiring my sisters to make an impact on the community! Kappa Delta is where I found my home, surrounded by amazing women who inspire me to be confident and be the the best that I can be.

Alyssa DePasquale

Vice President Public Relations

Hi! My name is Alyssa DePasquale and my position is Vice President of Public Relations.I am a marketing major and a sophomore. My responsibilities consist of managing the chapter website, social media, t-shirts/banners, and alumnae relations! I was drawn to Kappa Delta's leadership opportunities! Before joining, I was searching for something that I could apply my skills towards and now I have been granted just that. Not to mention, I can now work on my weaknesses. Theta Omicron attracted me because there is no reputation on campus, no mold to fit. Without a doubt, we have collected an amazing array of women, alike and unlike in a variety of ways- which is exactly what I wanted!

Kayla Jasper

Vice President Standards

My name is Kayla Jasper! I am a third year Social Work Major here at West Chester and Theta Omicron's first Vice President- Standards. As VP-standards, my job is to make sure that each and every sister is being held accountable and meeting the high standards that Kappa Delta holds its members to. My position allows me to help plan all the fun social events that our chapter takes part in, while also making sure safety precautions are taken care of. I am a confidential resource for each member and am here for whatever they might need me for. Kappa Delta has given me sisters who encourage me to always stay humble and confident each day and I cannot wait to see this beautiful sisterhood continue to grow.

Kerri Finely


Hi! My name is Kerri Finely and I am a sophomore and middle grade education major. Being Secretary of Kappa Delta means keeping every woman in the chapter up to date on upcoming events, announcements, etc! I make sure our chapter roster is managed, and order ritual supplies. I also take attendance at all of our meetings. My favorite part about my position is getting to work with other women on council and help out anyway I can! Running for Secretary meant that I would work closely with our entire chapter and get to know everyone. I feel a huge sense of pride when I speak about KD, which makes me so happy to be not only a leader in our chapter but most importantly a sister! I am so honored to be a part of Kappa Delta!!

Nicole Rizzo

Vice President Finance

My name is Nicole Rizzo and I am the Vice President of Finance for the Theta Omicron Chapter of Kappa Delta. I am currently a freshman and an accounting major, which is the main reason behind why I picked the finance position on the council. As far as my responsibilities go, I am in charge of running the chapter's BillHighway account and any transactions that flow in and out of Theta Omicron. Kappa Delta has given me the true home away from home and I have nothing but love towards my sisters in the chapter. Also, being on the council has taught me many different things and I couldn't be happier that I made the decision to become a part of something larger than myself!

Taylor Trimble

Panhellenic Delegate

My name is Taylor and I'm a junior communication studies major and linguistics minor and I'm so excited to be Theta Omicron's first Panhellenic Delegate! It is my responsibility to be the liaison between West Chester University's Panhellenic Council and Sororities and our Chapter. This role allows me to make connections within Greek life and get our members involved with our amazing Panhellenic community!